2019 Lange RX120 MV ski boots (CLEARANCE)

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Brand new, 2019 Lange RX 120 (100mm Medium Volume). This boot returns with a NEW SHELL construction (Dual Core) with new Anatomic Fit, an all new Dual 3D liner, a total graphic makeover, new buckles; a totally improved, even better version of one of the best ski boots of all time.  

  • Retail price of this boot is $850.00
Lange Dual Core makes you One with your boots.  The ski boot geeks at Lange are 100% focused on ski boots, and their passion has resulted in a totally new version of the legendary RX 120.  The all new Dual Core shell build technology comes harder and softer plastics in one structure in a way that has never been done before.  5 different injection points are used to inject the two different plastics at exactly the same time.  Harder plastic is placed where the boot needs to be more powerful (spine, heel, lower shell) and softer plastic where the shell needs to wrap around the foot (instep and front of the cuff).  Because the different materials are injected at the same time, the result is a plastic "sandwich" that offers more elastic and shock absorbing characteristics than ever found in a ski boot.  The flex of the boot is livelier, more progressive, and yet transmits incredible power to the edge of the ski.  Dual Core simply makes an outstanding boot way, way better yet.

At the same time Lange engineers have designed a brand new Dual 3D liner that is molded to fit the inside shape of the shell exactly.  It is also molded into the anatomical shape of the foot inside.  Lange has collected 3D scans of over 40,000 feet to design the perfectly shape shell and liner that will work together to achieve the ultimate fit, and the best performance ever.  This top of the line Dual 3D liner uses three different densities of foam strategically integrated into the different, key zones of the boot.  This enables the boot to wrap the foot and leg securely for ultimate efficiency of interaction between foot and ski, while maintaining comfort and warmth.  This is a performance boot that your feet will love.  Lange wants you to BE ONE with your ski boots.

The RX 120 shell is functionally, and fit wise identical its stiffer RX 130 sibling, but a bit softer in over all flex, and will a bit softer Dual 3D liner softer foam in the heel area.  Still includes replaceable soles to allow for wear and tear, and for the application of Cantology canting soles if you so desire, but the soles do not have additional traction grip shape found on the more expensive boot.



How does the Lange RX 120 MV?  The 100mm shell last fits medium, to perhaps a bit snug.  This is definitely a performance fit, but not nearly as restrictive as the LV, 98mm fit also offered in this model.  If you have wider feet, a higher instep, this may be a bit restrictive for you.  But, for average shaped feet and legs, any performance skier will find this to be a great fit.

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