2021 Tyrolia PRD 12 GW PowerRail ski bindings

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2021 Tyrolia/Head PRD 12 GW ski bindings.

At Proskiguy, we love PowerRail bindings.  It is the best, adjustable track interface that is available "ala carte" (sold separately) on the market.  The PowerRail interface is very low, very wide, and very light weight (adds just 8 oz. total to the weight of the skis), but also adds a substantial level versatility and performance for that small price in extra weight.  (1) PowerRail floats on the ski as it flexes, and the binding toe and heel float on the PowerRail at the same time.  The ski's flex is enhanced, allowing it to arc easier, and turn tighter.  (2) Increments of adjustment are very small, allowing the boot location to precisely set on the ski.  (3) The toe and heel are very easy to move, with no tools needed.  That makes it super easy to experiment with different boot locations.  We are not all built to stand in the same place on the ski.  Finding your ideal spot, with your boots, on your skis is like magic when it happens.  (4) This binding will fit any boot, with no need ever to redrill.  Share your skis with others, or change boots with no worry ever about holes to fill and redrill.

PRD 12 GW now is compatible with new Grip Walk sole ski boots.  All bindings fit traditional Alpine standard soles.  Walk to Ride and Grip Walk boots are just coming onto the market, and aren't being sold in large quantities at retail yet.  But, no one knows how these multiple boot sole choices will play out in the market place.  Choose this binding, and you have no worries about compatibility with any boot you might own in the future.

  •  Diagonal Heel allows for an additional direction of release, rather than just straight up.  In forward fall, twisting forces can be relieved because this heel can release in a 45 degree diagonal direction as the boot moves upward.  NO OTHER BRAND OFFERS THIS FEATURE, and not all Tyrolia bindings offer this feature.
  • PowerRail allows the ski to flex fuller, rounder and with less effort applied.  The rail floats on the ski as it flexes, and the binding floats on the rail.  A very sophisticated piece of ski binding engineering.
  • Wide wing toe design wraps completely around the boot's toe.  Because the boot is connected to the binding at its widest point, leverage to the ski edge is maximized.
  • Sliding Anti Friction Device under the boot toe controls side to side friction as the binding absorbs shock to retain the boot, or when release is necessary.  This replaces the easy to damage Teflon pad that degrades binding safety when it is no longer smooth, and slippery as when new.
  • Super soft entry Twin Cam heel design is very easy to step into, rather in front of the lodge, or standing in deep snow on a very steep pitch after a complete, super frustrating yard sale.
  • Very small, 1/2 centimeter increments of adjustment.  This allows the boot to be positioned more accurately on the skis than most other rail type binding systems (which typically have increments of adjustment of 1 cm or more).  And, it is very easy to experiment with different boot locations on the ski.

This binding requires a PowerRail for installation on any ski.  If your skis do not have PowerRail on them, you can add PowerRails to this purchase.  They are listed separately here at Proskiguy.com.  Contact us if you have PowerRail questions when making this purchase.

Let us know if you have any questions.  We love to help our customers choose the best possible ski gear.

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