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Dalbello Luna 90 TF ladies ski boots

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Dalbello Luna 90 is the same boot as the current Dalbello Kyro 90 MX.  Only the name has been changed

Luna is a family of ski boots targeted at intermediate to advanced level lady skiers who want the ultimate combination of comfort, ease of use, and performance.  Integrated into this new design is a full complement of Dalbello's latest engineering concepts, such as "Rocker Balanced Stance", Contour Four shell geometry, stichless toe box design, and much, much more.  Luna's 102mm shell width is not too narrow, and not too wide.  It is just the perfect width to fit average feet on average build skiers.  Building on the success of last season's new Kyra model with its Ski-Walk upper shell design, Luna may be one of the easiest boots ever built to spend all day in.

A main feature of Luna is it's all new Ski-Walk mechanism that allows the boot's upper cuff to unlock for hiking, or just walking across the parking lot.  Most of us probably aren't going to walk up hill to find that special stash of "un skied pow".  But this boot is ideal for just that purpose.  Even more important however, the upper cuff can be unlocked to make that "hike" though the parking lot much, much easier.  Even when standing in line for lunch, this feature just makes the boot more comfortable to stand in.  Designed with a single buckle upper cuff, and super wide power strap, it has been
designed from its inception as a "walk friendly" ski boot.  And, there is even extra traction built into the bottom of the boot.  So, you are less likely to slip and slide as you walk anywhere in this killer new boot.  .

This is the top model for women in this new group of boots
. Here is a full list of the features found on the Luna 90:
  • TruFit Thermolast liner is the firmest liner available in any Luna.  Dalbello's Thermolast liner is a very sophisticated design, and constructed with premium materials.  It offers a "stichless" design where the tongue is fastened into the top of the liner. The toe box is very roomy and more comfortable because the tongue is actually a part of the entire liner, and not simply sewed to the top of it.  And, this design makes it very difficult for melted snow to run down into the liner, so the boot stays drier inside
  • Two piece classic shell design. With a separate piece on top of the overlap section of the lower shell, this new boot actually functions very much like Dalbello's well known three piece boot models.  The lower shell section's opening over the foot does not overlap in the middle like just about every other boot on the market  This second lower shell component allows the shell to be roomier over the problem areas on top of the foot, while still allowing the boot to close securely around the foot as the bottom buckles are tightened.  Pressure on top of the foot is distributed more evenly across the entire foot for more comfort with no loss of "foot hold".  This concept of a 3 piece, overlap design boot is very innovative.
  • Contour 4 Shell Fit designed lower shell is more anatomically shaped.  Strategic areas of the foot have been given more room so the foot can be over all closer to the entire shell without sacrificing all day comfort.  These 4 areas are (1) ankle, back of the heel, outside the little toe, and navicular (just under the inside ankle).  Boot fitters have been stretching and punching out ski boots in these four areas since plastic ski boots were first invented.  Better fit, better performance with Contour 4 Shell Fit.
  • Balanced Rocker Stance - Discussed above, RBS offers the most modern stance geometry of any ski boot offered on the market.  Enjoy your day on the snow with less fatigue, better control, and better performance in a wide range of snow conditions.
  • Ski-Hike mechanism allows the upper cuff to be unlocked from the lower shell for easier walking, skinning and hiking.  A flip of the lever on the back of the boot allows the boot to hinge through a nice range of motion.  Loosening the top buckle and power strap allows for even easier walking over longer distances.  THIS IS THE ONLY SKI-HIKE MECHANISM ON THE MARKET that allows the lower shell to be left intact when the mechanism is installed.
  • New Walking Soles combine a rubber arch insert with rubber inserts at toe and heel to offer better traction on slippery or rocky surfaces.
  • Adjustable forward flex - Turn the flex adjuster on the back of the cuff to select stiff or soft. This is the stiffest boot available in the Luna series.  At its stiff setting, Dalbello rates this boot at a 90 Flex, which is perfect for any good or improving lady skier.
  • F16 aluminum micro adjustable buckles are super tough, very precise, and can be adjusted to provide exactly the necessary amount of tension in the fit zones of this boot.
  • Single canting adjustment (side to side angle) for maximum ability to get your boot adjusted flat to the snow.  Because the hinge points are lower on the shell, this cant adjustment offers a wider range than traditional two piece designs.  Even if you require 3 degrees of canting either in or out, this boot can work for you.
  • Super wide power strap around the top of the boot.  A wider strap offers more support up high, keeping the leg and foot much closer as they move together.

    How does the Luna 90 fit?  The overall shape of the boot fits medium to slightly wider than an average volume foot.  Width is average, the toe box is roomy and the heel pocket is nice and snug.  The instep is slightly HIGHER than many overlap boots, and the upper cuff is a bit SHORTER (shorter yet if the spoiler is removed) and snug.  If you have wider feet, a higher instep, or larger calves, this will be a great choice for you.  If you want a little cushier fit out the box, check out the Luna 70 instead (which is also softer flexing) with it's slightly softer SuperComfort liner.  

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