2020 Blizzard Firebird WRC WC Piston snow skis with bindings

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2020 Blizzard Firebird WRC WC Piston with Marker XCell 12.0 GW binding system.  This ski is available only with this binding.      

•  Ski Dimensions are 115.5-68-98.5
•  Sidecut radius is 17.5 meters (175cm)

The Firebird WRC is built with Blizzard's powerful World Cup construction;  full wood core, ABS sidewalls, two sheets of Titanal.  And then it is topped off with Marker's amazing Piston Plate binding interface.  A binding race plate is intended to reduce vibration, helping keep the ski's edge in contact with the snow.  But, Marker takes that one step further with a hydraulic piston built in.  As the ski flexes, the Piston provides no resistance.  But, when the skier's pressure is released at the end of the turn, the Piston provides resistance to eliminate cycles of counter flexing/flexing as the ski changes edges.  Vibration is filtered out, chatter is reduced, and the ski feels amazingly smooth and ready to hook up with the snow as it is placed onto the new edge.

Blizzard says, "The Blizzard Firebird WRC is the top model in the Firebird line and it is best characterized by fasten your seatbelt power and a rock and roll attitude. It is the perfect ski for anyone looking for a precise and ultra stable race style ski that loves long radius, high speed turns. The magic under WRC's hood are the carbon technologies (C-Spine and C-Armor) combined with a Double Titinal Sandwich Compound Sidewall construction to deliver a ride that dreams are made of. The WRC brings a whole new meaning to the term, "Racers... Start your engines."

Bottom line... this ski RIPS!!  If you like to go fast, YOU NEED THIS!

  • C-Spine is a two layer graphite beam, running tip to tail, top to bottom through the center of the core.  This beam improves rebound dramatically from turn to turn.
  • C-Armour is a edge to edge, bi-directional sheet of graphite located under the binding area.  This improves edge hold as the ski is at its maximum arc in the middle of the turn phase.
  • Full camber provides the best, smoothest ride, maximum rebound from turn to turn, and best edge hold on hard snow.
  • Super short tip shape enhances quickness by lowering swing weight.  With less mass at the front of the ski, it is simply easier to get from turn to turn.
  • Sandwich Construction - The ABS sidewalls act as a suspension system for the edges, keeping them in contact with the snow for a smoother feel and better edge hold.  More edge means better grip on hard snow.
  • Wood core - The best way to build a ski.  Wood absorbs vibration better than any other material, and is super durable as well.  As skis get wider, twisting stiffness tends to get softer, so wide skis don't hold as well on harder snow. Wood cores are torsionally (twisting) stiffer.
  • Two sheets of Titanal add amazing stability and edge hold.  Maybe some day a material will come along that works better than Titanal inside a ski.  But, until it does, this is the premier component if you want a ski that is smooth, stable, and holds on the hardest snow.

This ski's Marker World Cup Piston plate requires a Marker XCell binding, and it is matched up here with the new Marker XCell 12.0 GW.  This binding is a perfect match to the ski, and can accommodate standard Alpine boot soles, as well as the new Grip Walk boots just coming onto the market.  You probably do not own a GW boot now, but you most likely will own one in the future.  This binding is compatible no matter which boot type you might ever have.
   •  DIN range is 4 to 12

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