2019 Blizzard Quattro 8.4 Ti snow skis with bindings (CLEARANCE) - ProSkiGuy your Hometown Ski Shop on the web
2019 Blizzard Quattro 8.4 Ti snow skis with bindings (CLEARANCE) - ProSkiGuy your Hometown Ski Shop on the web
2019 Blizzard Quattro 8.4 Ti snow skis with bindings (CLEARANCE) - ProSkiGuy your Hometown Ski Shop on the web

2019 Blizzard Quattro 8.4 Ti Snow Skis with Marker Bindings

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2019 Blizzard Quattro 8.4 Ti with Marker 12.0 TPX IQ binding system.  This ski is available only with this binding.      

•  Ski Dimensions are 129-84-113.
•  Side cut radius is 16 meters (174 cm)

The Blizzard Quattro is a newer group of front side skis from Blizzard.  We all spend the majority of our time on groomed snow, so why not own the best ski possible for all those days?  The design of this series started with a totally clean sheet of paper; all the elements of ski design were considered, and engineered for maximum performance.  Construction, sidecut shape, rocker profile, and binding interface are all state of the art.  With the perfect synergy of all these elements, Blizzard brings to the market an amazing collection of skis.

The Quattro 8.4 Ti is the same ski as the top performing, and more expensive RX, but with a slightly different binding system.  It is the widest model in this group of amazing skis.  With a very tight turning radius, wider waist, and lowest rocker profile, it is an absolute killer on steep groomers.  Holds an edge like a Ginzu knife, and is as solid on the snow as any ski money can buy.  With the included binding system, this ski is the best performance value in the Quattro family.

For the skier who wants to ski fast on groomed snow, there is no better choice than the all new Quattro 8.4 Ti.  Groomers are the new powder when you own the Quattro!  Make the most of most of your ski days by having a ski that allows you to ski your best.  Check out the details that make the all new Quattro 8.4 Ti such an amazing ski.
  • 2mm Tip Rocker profile is just enough rocker to make this high performance machine also quite forgiving.  A ski with this much performance would not be possible without modern rocker to eliminate the twitchyness often associated with race type skis.  Even when the groomers get a bit bumpier, a small amount of rocker helps the ski stay in contact better with snow for improved stability.
  • Super short tip shape enhances quickness by lowering swing weight.  With less mass at the front of the ski, it is simply easier to get from turn to turn.
  • Sandwich Construction - The ABS sidewalls act as a suspension system for the edges, keeping them in contact with the snow for a smoother feel and better edge hold.  More edge means better grip on hard snow.
  • Wood core - The best way to build a ski.  Wood absorbs vibration better than any other material, and is super durable as well.  As skis get wider, twisting stiffness tends to get softer, so wide skis don't hold as well on harder snow. Wood cores are torsionally (twisting) stiffer.
  • Two sheets of Titanal add amazing stability and edge hold.  Maybe some day a material will come along that works better than Titanal inside a ski.  But, until it does, this is the premier component if you want a ski that is smooth, stable, and holds on the hardest snow. IQ Suspension consists of short arm that extends forward of the binding, with dampening material sandwiched between the ski and the arm.  This system provides great vibration energy control, for a smooth possible ride and the great edge hold.  Fast feels smooth!
  • Built in IQ binding interface system
This ski is available only with the Marker TPX 12 Grip Walk binding system.  The toe and heel components are Marker's latest designs, as you would expect on a high performance Blizzard ski.  Low profile toe design lowers swing weight, making the ski easier to maneuver around.  Lots of metal components in the bindings construction offer maximum durability and performance on the snow.  Soft entry heel makes stepping into and out of the binding very, very easy.  This binding is compatible with standard Alpine boot soles, and also with the new Grip Walk boots just coming onto the market.  New GW boots now, or later will fit into this binding perfectly.

The IQ binding system is totally integrated into the design of the ski, and is comprised of two different concepts.  (1) The IQ Channel built into the framework of the ski is designed to focus the skiers energy directly to the tip and tail.  The Marker binding slides into this channel, and is held in place by one central screw, which allows the binding toe and heel to float as the ski flexes and counter flexes.  (2) The Suspension Arm is also integrated into Quattro's top structure, with elastic dampening material placed between the arm and ski.  The placement of the arm and dampening material into the forebody of the ski quiets vibration that starts at the tip and travels down the length of the ski.  This IQ Suspension system offers excellent vibration dampening for a nice, smooth ride at high speed.

•  DIN range of 4 to 12  This binding will work for any skier with a DIN setting of 5 or higher.

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