2020 Connelly GT-R slalom water ski

2020 Connelly GT-R slalom water ski

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For 2020, Connelly's top model returns with updated graphics.  The GT-R is a design that is truly different than other skis on the market.  This ski offers top of the line performance in and out of the slalom course, and is offered here at a great Proskiguy price.

For a top performance ski, the GT-R is quite easy to ski on, and offers a different design philosophy than any other top slalom model on the market. Lower drag, new school skis are definitely what is happening, and Connelly has embraced that concept in the design of the GT. But other lower drag skis are designed to ride higher in the water, making them more slippery to ski on. Connelly has designed the GT with a narrow tail shape and bevel profile that allows the ski to set deeper in the water when on it's edge and arcing the turn. This allows the ski to have great contact with the water, and a very grippy feel in the turn, resulting in a very tight arc when pushed hard.  It simply goes wherever it is pointed and is very predictable.  But, at the same time, the V Tech stepped bottom creates a thin layer of turbulence under the ski, significantly lessening drag profile. This is a very innovative concept from Connelly, and the bottom line is, the GT has a unique combination of grip and low drag.

Connelly's GT-R is simply different than other top performance, state of the art construction skis, because of this unique drag profile.  "Old School" skis that ride deeper in the water are very easy to turn, because (1) they slow down very quickly moving from one edge to the other at the beginning of the turn, and (2) they track very straight. But, they are also much harder to accelerate out of the turn.  Very easy to get too far foward, resulting in over the tip crashes, and the fatigue level is also quite high, so fewer turns per set. Skis that ride higher in the water have less drag, and are far less fatiguing to ski on, but they in are turn are very loose on the water, and harder to arc tight turns without sliding or drifting the tail.  Push too hard, and the ski wants to slide out.  Connelly's GT-R breaks that paradox, offering a lower drag ride, but also a deeper attitude in the water. No other ski offers this type of performance; grip in the turn, matched with speed and easier acceleration thru the wakes.

The GT-R differs from the previous GT model in one significant way. It's new shape at the tail features a reduced sidewall profile at the tail. Because the V Step bottom allows the GT-R to come into the turn faster, while still riding deeper in the water, this new thinner (less thickness top to bottom) shape at the tail allows the ski's tail to drop even deeper at the beginning of the turn, helping the ski carve a very tight arc. Then, as the turn reaches its maximum apex, and the skier's lean is at its lowest point, the 46 degree angle of this thin sidewall actually creates a bit of lift at the end of the turn, helping the ski accelerate toward the wake. Again, Connelly's engineering helps the ski to both slow down, and also to speed up, which are difficult features to achieve at the same time.

The GT-Rs build starts with a super precise, CNC machined PVC core. The result is a super consistent build from one ski to the next; each ski performs exactly as its design is intended. Also, PVC stores energy very well to maximize responsiveness from edge to edge, and is also incredibly light. The layup around the core is approx 95% high grade carbon graphite, which allows the GT-R to return immediately to its natural shape once turning pressure is released. This means faster acceleration, and again more angle to the wake. But, again, unlike other top of the line carbon skis on the market, Connelly also mixes in 5% fiberglass. Fiberglass is a great dampener, and makes this carbon ski more forgiving than other skis on the market when water conditions are not perfect, or when the boat's wake is less than optimal.

Another bit of genius engineering here is the GT-Rs rocker profile combined with a sophisticated bevel shape/design. A large flat spot under the binding area creates a stable platform for the skier to stand on, eliminating the need to load either the tail or the tip more than the other. Simply stand balanced over both feet when skiing on the GT-R. But, in the center of the ski, there is a transition area along the edges, where the bevel shape changes from sharp (in the front section) to rounded (in the tail section). This combination of flat rocker in the center with different bevels front and back make it much more forgiving when the skier's position is not optimal on the ski; too far back, and the round bevel shape creates a bit of extra drag, helping push the skier's weight back forward. Body position too far forward, and the sharper bevel helps lift the tip, moving the skier's weight toward the rear.

What about the flex of the GT-R. Other carbon skis on the market tend to be softer in flex, so they can be drifted in the turn, breaking the tail loose like a rally car to make a tight turn keeping the rope tight. Because the GT-R rides deeper in the water, it grips very, very well, even though it also lower drag than any Connelly ski ever built, its flex can be stiffer tip to tail, further returning the ski to its relaxed, maximum acceleration shape out of the turn. But, at the same time, Connelly Gurus have built the ski to have a softer torsional (twisting) flex, which helps the ski get throughout the wake more smoothly, and also helps the ski perform better in "not so good" water conditions.

Other cool features include:
• 100% handmade in the USA
• All aluminum adjustable fin system with aluminum wing.
• SpeedVtech steps in base disrupts laminar water flow for reduced drag
• Hi Gloss finish in the tip section creates drag when more ski is in the water, helping the ski slow down
• Micro texture finish in the back of the ski reduces drag, helping the ski speed up during the pulling phase to the wakes

We offer this ski as a blank, or we can also set this ski up with a variety of bindings; add Connelly's Stoker front and rear, or with adjustable RTP which is a great binding at a killer price. Also, we can do the HO Animal bindings (in doubles or with RTP) or just about anything else you have in mind. NO SALES TAX IF SHIPPED OUTSIDE OF WASHINGTON STATE and FREE SHIPPING TO 48 US STATES (additional cost to ship to Hawaii or Alaska).

Give us a call if you have questions, or just want to talk about this ski, about binding choices, or to just help you make the leap to this cool new ski. This is an outstanding value, and will make any good skier a better skier. We are available by phone at 360-577-1580 from 9:30 to 5:30 Pacific time, Monday thru Saturday. Give us a shout, we love to help.

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